Monday 23 May 2016


If you haven't yet heard - the program has been announced for the 2016 Adelaide Cabaret Festival and it is AMAZING! Of course I am biased because this year's Artistic Directors are none other than myself and Eddie Perfect.

There are many well known names in the program that will not need much introduction to most people (Dita Von Teese anyone?!) but there are also lots of names that you may not recognise.

With that in mind I thought I'd write some blogs breaking down the categories for you.

If you go to our beautiful new site at you will see under 'PROGRAM' some interesting new categories... Most shows are listed under more than one category because the very nature of 'CABARET' means that one genre does not suffice...


I'm going to start with ANARCHY because you may not have seen this as a festival category before!

Listed under Anarchy are: Miss Behave's Gameshow, The Birds, Die Roten Punkte & Margaret Thatcher Queen of Soho


16-18 June

I first met Miss Behave when I ran away from the Opera House and joined the circus that was La Clique in 2005. Miss Behave was the sword swallower and clown mugging gracefully about the stage like the love child of Betty Boo and Sid Vicious in a Vaudeville show. We have been firm friends ever since and I have watched her build this show up from 25 people in an abandoned bookstore in Edinburgh to a heaving, breathing mass of chaos and delight around the world from San Francisco to Hong Kong.

Miss Behave and her trusty side-kick Harriet have found a way to divide and conquer an audience who often don't know what to expect at all but are soon jumping on tables and competing for points in a game that no one understands but few care. It is an addictive show so don't be surprised if you find yourself going back night, after night.... Miss Behave is also hosting the opening weekend of Backstage Clubs alongside another La Clique/La Soiree alumni Amy G.  This is one that if you don't go your friends will be trying and failing to explain to you for months afterwards... So you probably should just go to both...

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THE BIRDS - Finucane & Smith
22-25 June

Moira Finucane and Jackie Smith have created some of the most genre defying burlesque and anarchic variety in the world. They have been leaders in the field of subversive performance art and have become world renown through constant international and national touring. 

Last year they became the first Australian company to be invited to perform at Havana's International Theatre Festival in its 30 year history. Their fans are devoted to the extreme. This work is being created for our festival, is a world premiere and it is filled with some of the most exciting and creative cabaret, dance and burlesque performers. Moira Finuane is an evocative, gender defying creature of wonder and she will be joined on stage by the beautiful voices of Clare St Clare & Mama Alto, the acrobatic skills of Rockie Stone and the captivating dance of Holly Durant. 

I first saw Moira perform in the Spiegeltent in Melbourne in maybe 2005? I had never seen anything like it and I was totally blown away by her ability to transform a space into an absolutely unique world of darkness and light that challenges and thrills in equal measure.

If you are interested in seeing the traditional burlesque of Dita Von Teese then come and see the other side of the burlesque coin with a show that will no doubt leave you breathless with wonder and subversive delight.

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10-12 June

A favourite of the alternative comedy and cabaret scene, this German brother/sister (or are they? It's unclear at times) duo could be the product of The White Stripes as imagined by the Marx Brothers. Their original songs and parody of pop and rock culture are hilarious and you will be singing and drinking along with Otto and Astrid before the night is out. 

They have a massive following in Canada and last toured Adelaide supporting Amanda Palmer so expect to fall in love with them both a little bit and also be prepared to have strong feelings for Astrid's dance moves and Otto's Key-tar....

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15-17 June

This is a show we discovered at Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I was performing in a tent next door to this show two years in a row and each year the crowds became more fervent and rapturous as the weeks went on. People were coming back to the show multiple times and there were all sorts of extra shows being added to the season. When I first saw it, I wasn't sure if I would understand all the references to UK politics but I soon realised that it was a pantomime of the highest (and lowest) order. Although the political satire is absolutely on point, it is so much more than that and you will soon be swept up in the sometimes filthy, but always hilarious take on an iconic figure during an iconic time in politics. 

Oh, and you will never see Churchill in the same way again..

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So, there is ANARCHY... Next up is COMEDY! 

And see you in ADELAIDE in June!


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