Tuesday 24 May 2016

Where would we be without laughter?! Some of the finest moments of the past 15 years of this cabaret festival have been created by our favourite cabaret toting jesters. This year we have some of the best: political satire, slapstick, clowning and clever musical comedy. (There are a lot of acts who are also in this category but I’ve covered them in different posts… You might have to read them all!)

THE WHARF REVUE - Celebrating 15 Years
15-18 June

This show marks 15 years that The Wharf Revue have been flying the flag of political satire in Australia. They have won awards and some of their takes on top politicians have gone down in cabaret folklore. Comprised of comedians who write and compose – Phil Scott returns after one of my favourite shows of last year (his Lionel Bart show) and is joined by Jonathan Biggins, Amanda Bishop and Drew Forsythe.


AMY G - Entershamement!
10-11 June

I first met Amy G when we were both performing in La Clique (that went on to become the Olivier award-winning La Soiree). She is a force of nature somewhere between Lucille Ball, Jerry Lewis and Shirley Bassey. She has become quite the sensation in Berlin and is a star of the cabaret world in her home town of New York City. She also owns a disco Vespa and she drove me around Manhattan on my recent trip making me feel like some sort of UTTER ROCK STAR. You will LOVE this show. It is mad and funny and like a vaudeville masterpiece.


10-12 June

Rhonda Burchmore and Trevor Ashley are twins separated at birth. Can you imagine what these two powerhouses will get up to when put together? Buckle in! Rhonda is an Australian cabaret legend and an Adelaide Cabaret Icon award-winner, Trevor is the enfant terrible of the cabaret scene who also has a sideline as an award-winning musical theatre performer (Priscilla, Hairspray!, Les Mis). He was also one of the first BFFs I met when I first discovered Adelaide Cabaret Festival. He made me martini's in the Intercon lounge and I've loved him ever since.


11-13 June

Huw Parham is a local clown who captivates a room on sight. Known for his work in Berlin Cabaret and his creations Giovanni and Schmoo, he is a generous performer with a heart as big as the state itself. This show has been created for our festival and I for one can’t wait to see the result.


MOTHER'S RUIN: A CABARET ABOUT GIN - Maeve Marsden & Libby Wood
10-12 June

I first saw these two ladies two years ago when they were performing at the Melbourne Comedy Festival in Lady Sings it Better. They have powerhouse voices, great harmonies, throw some gender-political punches now and then and are just generally bad-ass. They immediately become my new favourite cabaret performers and this show has been written all about GIN! Do you think they are trying to impress me?!! Word on the street is you will get a gin tasting during the show… What else could you possibly want!


16-18 June

David Hobson is one of the country's finest operatic tenors. Colin Lane is one of the country's finest comedians. They have been friends for 20 years and have always wanted each other’s careers… David used to listen to his father’s comedy records at night and learn the routines; Colin used to sing along with all of the crooners and long to be a singer... They bring their combined talents and mutual desires together in this charming and funny and beautiful show.


SAMMY J  - The Sammy J Songbook
18-19 June

Sammy J, who you may have seen with his sidekick Randy - recently starred in the ABC's 6-part series Rickett’s Lane. They have won all sorts of awards, toured to Edinburgh Fringe Festival and all over Australia, and even did the Montreal Just for Laughs Festival Gala with Neil Patrick Harris (who is a big fan). I’ve loved Sammy’s writing and style for years – he is the closest we have to a modern day Tom Lehrer and this show is a compilation of all of his greatest songs and ditties and jokes. It will be a delight.


There are a lot of other shows also in the Comedy category (Variety Gala, Composer is Dead, Tripod, Helen Dallimore, Die Roten Punkte, Songs for the Fallen, Harry Shearer, Miss Behave's Gameshow, Friends of Barbra, Margaret Thatcher - Queen of Soho) but I have covered them in other category posts. 


Next up it's a biggie - SONGBOOK.


Originally published on 7 May 2016 at www.alimcgregor.com




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