Friday 1 July 2016

Thanks for joining us for a spectacular Adelaide Cabaret Festival 2016! The response to this year's program was inspiring, helping us to achieve a box office on par with the record set with Barry Humphries at the helm in 2015.

The closing gala of the 2016 Festival - The Last Galah -  included a special announcement from Artistic Directors Ali McGregor and Eddie Perfect, who will be returning to steer the ship in 2017. Next year, Cabaret audiences can look forward to the award-winning Matiltda the Musical running in Adelaide before, during and after the Festival.  Matilda is set to arrive in Adelaide in May - the waitlist for tickets is open now! 

James Millar performing at The Last Galah before the announcement
Image: Claudio Raschella

James Millar as Miss Trunchbull in Matilda The Musical
Image: James Morgan

A final message from our 2016 Artistic Directors - until next year!

Eddie Perfect

“As we approach the end of our 2016 Adelaide Cabaret Festival I can't help but feel anything other than energised, inspired and incredibly fortunate to have been a part of it. The skill and breathtaking generosity of our performers from across the globe, along with the tireless effort of the entire production crew, tech staff, producers and marketers has been a joy to behold. The message is loud and clear; our audiences crave ingenuity and connection, and have surpassed our wildest expectations in exploring WHAT COMES NEXT in the world of Cabaret. Bravo 2016, and bring on 2017!”  

Ali McGregor

My amazing co-Artistic Director has said it all, this year’s program was a joy to put together and it has been so wonderful to see it come to fruition. One of the most exciting things for me is to see what a dedicated, professional and well organised team of technical crew, designers, producers and musicians can create before we performers even step on stage. I have loved sharing this festival with my friends and colleagues from around the world who, every year, are blown away by this festival and the audiences who come out in their droves to experience such diverse and wonderful shows. To see hundreds of children sharing music and dancing with their parents, grandparents and friends in our Family Gala, to see thousands of new people, dressed up in their finery to see Dita and then stay on in the Festival Centre, blown away that this little world of decadence and love exists. To have people stopping me in the foyer to say that this year they have come to more shows than ever before, that they have taken chances on unknown acts and been generously rewarded. These have been just some of the highlights for me. Viva Cabaret!

Ali and Eddie closing The Last Galah
Image: Claudio Raschella




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